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Note: We have tried to provide a preview that closely matches what you will receive for customisable products. There may be differences in the font selection, font sizes and positioning that occur during the manufacturing process, in order to best display the provided text within the bounds of each tag.

Leader Products

Leadertags (Foil)

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Approved NLIS Identifier

Hundreds of millions sold worldwide.

For Long Term Application

Stronger arms. Positive self locking design. Curve recess holds tag in correct position at all times. Constructed of specially formulated material. Cross section gives greater strength.

For Better Stock Management

Use a different colour for each age group to save time when drafting for each age and gender. Place Leadertags on opposite ears for ewes and wethers making drafting of sex easy and accurate.

Custom Marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking or Foil Stamping. Please note that Leadertags used for Laser Marking vary slightly in colour to maximise readability. Please see 'Leadertags (Laser)' if you prefer the Laser colours & marking.

Age Mark with Leader’s Colour of the Year

  • 2013 - Yellow
  • 2014 - Red
  • 2015 - Blue
  • 2016 - Black
  • 2017 - White
  • 2018 - Orange
  • 2019 - Light Green
  • 2020 - Purple 

Other colours

Also available in:

  • Dark Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Lemon
  • Dark Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Pink


Please be aware that due to screen colour variations, colours of products may vary slightly from what you see on the screen.