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Dominion ™ Dehorning Knife - 'The Knife'

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  • $105.00


  • Dominion Surgical Instruments has been manufacturing high quality dehorners in Australia for over 65 years. 
  • Dominion Surgical Instruments has an extensive manufacturing background as a core supplier to the Australian beef cattle industry veterinary equipment for over 65 years. As a division of Bainbridge, Dominion manufactures an exclusive range of the highest quality dehorning products. 
  • The knife is the most effective way of dehorning calves up until the horn is hard and still floating (about 5 months of age)
  • Double sided blade to enable operator to cut away from the calf’s ears.
  • The Knife is a high quality product that can be resharpened to maintain a sharp edge – use of our diamond sharpening steels is recommended for this
  • Made in Australia
  • Bainbridge offers an exclusive reconditioning service for the full range of Bainbridge and Dominion Australian manufactured dehorners to maximise the life of the veterinary instruments. A full range of spare parts are available for Bainbridge and Dominion dehorners.