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Dr Frank's Calf Puller - Spare Parts Only

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  • $100.45


IMPORTANT: Please select the correct required item from the dropdown list, as this product includes the complete item as well as available replacement parts.
  • Dr. Frank's Calf Puller is the original obstetrical instrument developed by B.N. Frank, DVM, a specialist in veterinary obstetrics.
  • Dr. Frank's is a precision instrument that has proven its effectiveness year after year in hundreds of thousands of calving cases.
  • The uniform tension of this unique fetal extractor does not permit slipping or backing-up of the jack.
  • Traction on the calf and the counter-thrust against the cow induce spreading of the pelvic bones, elevation of the abdomen, and arching of the animal's back, all assisting in the natural birthing process.
  • The entire unit can easily be assembled in minutes and rods unscrew for easy storage.
  • Includes a 110cm (45") OB chain and a handy carry case.

Replacement Parts (refer image):

  • (A) Jack Assembly
  • (B) 182cm Rods (pair)
  • (C) 58cm Breechen
  • (D) Web Strap
  • (F) Jack Handle