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Express Calf/Goat Dehorner (Gas Portable) & Spare Parts

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  • $555.00


IMPORTANT: Please select the correct required item from the dropdown list, as this product includes the complete item as well as available replacement parts.
  • A good quality gas calf dehorner suitable for calves and goats 

  • Dehorning should occur within the first 5 weeks of birth and normally takes 
less than 30 seconds per horn 

  • Dehorner takes 3 minutes to heat up and to be ready for use 

  • The dehorner is light and has an ergonomic design for easy and safe handling
  • Delivered in a plastic case with 2 gas cartridges 
Includes a reversible dehorning tip 17 mm and 19 mm wide with a depth of 
10 mm 
  • A 15 mm tip is an optional extra which is ideal for use on goats 
1 year warranty from date of purchase