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Fasty Transport Strap

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  • $24.50


  • The strongest straps on the market – now even stronger. Our redesigned straps have been improved in a number of ways.
  • FASTY is now the leading brand of lashing straps for packaging, transport and securing light loads.
  • All straps have a load capacity of 400 kg.
  • The opening has been enlarged to make it easier to t the strap, and we have used a stronger new spring to further enhance the quality feel.
  • FASTY is also the only manufacturer in the world to have developed two special machines for totally automatic fitting of buckles. This ensures maximum reliability, since every single buckle is checked before it is fitted to the strap.
  • FASTY’s buckles are made of steel, which has many advantages over cast zinc buckles:
  • A larger opening makes the strap much easier to thread through the buckles, especially if work gloves are worn.
  • The buckles are both considerably stronger and lighter than a zinc buckle
  • Another major advantage is the buckles’ high corrosion-resistance.
  • They are treated with one of the market’s best and most environmentally friendly anti-corrosive coatings, which meets the automotive industry’s strict anti-corrosion requirements.

Sizes Available:

White – 100cm 
Yellow – 150cm 
Blue – 200cm 
Red – 250cm 
Black – 350cm 
Please Note: All sizes are supplied in packs of two units.