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BR Panel Reader and Panel Antenna (BR600) Bundle

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  • $2,990.17


Gallagher Permanent EID Tag Readers are ideal for fixed, hands-free EID data collection on any livestock, usually in a weighing crate or at a location in a race.

This Bundle includes the BR Panel Reader and the BR600 Panel Antenna. The BR600 with a 600mm panel and 1m read range is ideal for constrained weighing of sheep or cattle in a crate/crush or handler.

  • Battery Autotune & Memory
  • Bluetooth on board comes with dongle to link capable non Bluetooth weigh scales.
  • Easy to use, extremely reliable, fixed hands-free EID tag data collection
  • Easy installation - Simply mount auto-tuning panel using reinforced mounting slots and plug in electronic controller.
  • Quick feedback functions - tag counter (stores up to 20,000 tags)
  • Easy EID weigh scale (& other devices) connection via Bluetooth
  • Comes with market leading integrated Farm Management Software - APS and NLIS exchange for hassle free data transfer to NLIS.
  • Quick scan tag counter - EID tag counter with reset function.
  • Rechargeable battery - Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator.
  • Easy to use rotary switch - Off, On and Save ID to Memory.
  • Removable electronics controller - For security, convenient charging, memory download, and for use at multiple locations with other panels.
  • Read accuracy confirmation - Beeper sounds to indicate tag read successful.
  • Pair with other devices - Easily connect via Bluetooth to weigh scale (e.g. TW-1 and TSi 2) and other devices. Also, includes adaptor to still connect wirelessly to a non Bluetooth EID compatible weigh scale (e.g. TW-1).
  • Long-Life. waterproof panel - For outdoor use in all weather. Available in 1300mm and 600mm (included in the bundle) sizes.
  • ISO compliant - Half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B) ISO compliant.