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Heat Seeker - Heat Detector

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  • $104.95


  • Heat Seeker heat detector’s are an excellent quality self adhesive oestrus detector which can be applied by one person 
  • The Heat Seeker is useful to identify short heats & cows that cycle overnight, provides more precise insemination timing, shortens herd calving intervals by missing less heats and helps reduce waste of inseminations and semen 
  • The adhesive moulds easily over the cows backbone with a large surface area 
  • Available in Red in a pack of 20 units (includes instruction leaflet) 
  • Heat Seaker features a Channel and Chamber systems. With each mount 
the dye spreads further through the chambered detector indicating the extent of the mounting activity, giving a clearer indication of when oestrus commenced, essential in the embroyo transfer programs 
  • The fully activated detector is highly visible from a distance compared to other detectors on the market