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Gallagher HR5 v2 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector

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With its large colour screen and alpha numeric keypad, the HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader is the most powerful portable data collection and editing platform available providing flexibility right there in the yard.

Farmers can record edit and customise data against EID records immediately without needing to set it up in the office first.

Software Included with Reader:

  • Free Android and iPhone app for easy transfer of animal data to NLIS.
  • Animal Performance Software (APS Standard) for PC.

HR5 Reader Key Activities:

  • Easily read visual and EID tag numbers - Large display clearly shows visual ID and EID tag numbers to confirm the correct animal's information is being collected.
  • Collect data, not just EID numbers - Choose multiple traits to record against each animal such as breed, sex, condition score and pregnancy status.
  • Sort on the go - Sort group name is highlighted on screen for easy reference with optional group colours.
  • View animal history - View past traits, activities and life data recorded against an animal.
  • Record visual ID's - Visual ID's can be added on the go, and used to identify and record information against an animal eg. replacing lost EID tag number. Record visual ID if animal EID tag cannot be read.
  • Link mothers to their offspring - Automatically link mothers with their newborns. Add birthing details and data such as sex, birthing ease and fate.
  • Versatile data entry - Numeric, text, date and pick-list type traits can be entered eg. an observation using the free text entry field. Animal notes can be set to appear as an alert when the animal is next scanned.
  • Add and edit session names - Personalise session names eg. Week 13 Lambs, Pen 12 Angus, Hereford Cows. Make it easy to identify sessions once uploaded to APS software.

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