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LG Bander Tool Superior

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  • $159.50


- This castrator is best used on cattle, sheep and goats ranging in weight from 120kg to 300kg
- The application of the ring is quick and efficient, by expanding the ring with an applicator and placing over scrotum
- The applicator is made of stainless steel and ring opens to 10cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm
- A silicon spray or lubricant should be used on arm to allow the tool to open/close
- Always wear protective glasses when using banders
- A tetanus toxoid injection is strongly recommended
- 12 months warranty on bander tool
- The LG Bands are only recommended for use with the Bainbridge LG Bander tool
- Do not use other brands of large bands or the SM Bands on the LG Bander tool