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SM Bander Loops

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    • As a general guide, the SM bands may be suitable for cattle, sheep and goats up to 150kg.
    • The latex ring open twice the size of normal marking rings, with rings being designed so they will not slip off applicator.
    • The rings are twice as strong as normal marking rings and opens to 6cm x 6cm x 6cm.
    • A silicone spray or lubricant should be used on arm to allow the tool to open/close freely.
    • Always wear protective glasses when using banders.
    • A tetanus toxoid injection is strongly recommended.
    • 12 month repair warranty on bander tool.
    • The SM Bands are only recommended for use with the Bainbridge SM Bander tool.
    • Do not use other brands of small bands or the LG Bands on the SM Bander tool.

Pack Sizes Available:

Bands suitable for the Bainbridge SM Bander Tool