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Gallagher TW-1 Weigh Scale

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  • $2,086.36


Weight Gain at the Touch of a Finger!

  • TW-1 is the perfect Entry level EID weigh scale. 
  • Simple to operate, touch screen weigh scale
  • Collect data to optimise animal performance

Key Notes:

  • Animal data analysis on device - Shows individual weight gain graphs, as well as weight distribution plots for all animals within a weighing session.
  • Animal notes and note alerts - Record notes against animals on the spot for later review. Notes alert the operator when the animal's tag is read.
  • Draft by weight, weight gain or by ID list - Easily separate animals into treatment or management groups. Connects to auto drafters for simplified animal handling.
  • Tough rugged exterior - Farm ready design. Toughened, scratch proof glass screen and waterproof casing makes it suitable for all environments.
  • Ultimate user experience - Design of the scale and execution of common tasks have been rigorously tested to ensure the scale is easy to navigate and that we are able to deliver the most farmer friendly experience on the market.
  • On board help, 24/7 - The entire product manual is loaded into the product. No matter where you are, or what you are trying to do, help is only a click away.
  • Market leading touch screen technology - Full colour, outdoor readable touch screen. Large 7" screen, shows weight and gain information in an easy to read font.
  • Flexible mounting options - Easy to use sitting flat, or mounted to a vertical surface. The adjustable mounting bracket allows you to easily tailor the viewing angle for premium visibility.
  • Flexible connectivity options - Whether connecting to drafters or readers via a serial cable, to a PC via USB or utilising the Bluetooth and WiFi wireless options, the TW-1 has every option available.