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Gallagher TW-3 Weigh Scale

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Full Animal History at the Touch of a Finger!

  • TW-3 is the EID weigh scale you need if your looking for the next level in recording and analysing data to optimise animal performance. 
  • Simple to operate weigh scale and data collector.
  • Record and analyse animal data to optimise performance.

Key Notes:

  • Animal data analysis on device - Shows individual weight gain graphs, as well as weight distribution plots for all animals within a weighing session.
  • Animal notes and note alerts - Record notes against animals on the spot for later review. Notes alert the operator when the animal's tag is read.
  • Record life data and traits - Ideally suited to farmers wanting to record and review more information than simply weight. Can record up to 3 traits per session.
  • Draft by up to 9 groups - Draft by weight, weight gain, predetermined EID list or by recorded life data and traits.
  • Record treatments on the spot - Animals can be weighed and administered the correct dose rate, all recorded on the weigh scale at the time of treatment.
  • Tough rugged exterior - Farm ready, tough, waterproof design.
  • Ultimate user experience - Execution of common tasks have been rigorously tested to ensure that we are able to deliver the most farmer friendly experience on the market.
  • On board help, 24/7 - The entire product manual is loaded into the product. Help is only a click away. 
  • Market leading touch screen technology - Full colour, outdoor readable touch screen.

Package Includes:

The complete package, ready to go - Just plug into your existing load bars and you have everything you need to start weighing:

  • Tough and convenienct Gallagher carry case
  • Mounting bracket
  • Micro-fibre screen cloth
  • Battery charging cable
  • Mains charging cable
  • USB drive loaded with APS software
  • USB cable for data transfer to PC