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Vink Calf Puller & Spare Parts

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  • $655.00


IMPORTANT: Please select the correct required item from the dropdown list, as this product includes the complete item as well as available replacement parts.

The VINK Calf Puller has a very functional design and includes some important advantages:

  • It is impossible to slip away from the cow.
  • Quality Stainless Steel construction.
  • Supplied with two ropes.
  • The only single handed calf puller.
  • It permits pulling tension straight, upwards and also in the direction of the udder.
  • If birth becomes complicated, traction can be released immediately.
  • The lever mechanism of the VINKTM calf puller includes alternate traction and is equipped with 2 hooks which will be drawn backwards one by one when pulling the handle backwards (zig zag pulling).
  • VINK calf pullers come with 1.8m long pole which will give greater power with reduced effort in difficult births.