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Castration + Sealing

Cattle Castration Equipment

We Are A Reliable Supplier of Cattle Castration Equipment

Cattle castration equipment is a necessity for effectively managing your livestock. AVOCA iD was established to meet the needs of graziers around the country and, as such, supply the necessary equipment for taking care of your animals.

Reasons for Using Calf Castration Rings

Castration of a bull calf refers to the process of removing their testicles. After a successful procedure, the bull calf is regarded as a steer and raised for its beef. These are some of the reasons you require calf castration rings on your farm.

  • After you’ve selected the bull calves for breeding, the others must be castrated. It immediately halts the production of male hormones and semen. As such, these steers can’t mate and reproduce; hence, they don’t have to be separated from females and are controlled in the same camp.
  • As a result of the lack of male hormones, steers become docile cattle and are easier to handle in comparison to bulls. You eliminate the need for fences and handling equipment when you castrate bull calves early. Their aggressiveness decreases, which in turn increases the safety of other animals and employees who work on the farm.
  • Steers gain weight much faster than bulls, which prepares them for the market earlier. The quality of the meat is of a superior standard, and consumers continuously demand it. Consequently, it makes financial sense to castrate calves and prepare them for their meat.

What To Expect from AVOCA iD Regarding a Calf Bander

According to the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), you can’t move cattle without the appropriate identification tags. After a few conversations with graziers, we found several anomalies in the price and availability of management tags and animal husbandry products. As a result, we established this operation, and due to our passion for the industry have succeeded thus far.

  • We wanted to create a quicker solution for farmers to obtain a management system. As a result, we created a convenient online shopping experience. There’s no need to leave your property as you simply hop onto the online store, browse the vast catalogue of products, explore the details about them and use one of several payment methods to conclude your experience.
  • Our team is continually monitoring the NLIS and its guidelines, which are regularly reviewed and changed. We pass on that knowledge to our customers to ensure they’re fully compliant and acting within the regulations.
  • Aside from acquiring a calf brander from our store, we stock a wide range of other products that assist graziers all around the country. We supply cattle tags, sheep tags and equipment that are essential for weighing and scanning your livestock.

About AVOCA iD

As graziers ourselves, we are aware of the practical needs and want to meet those needs for others that are in a similar position to ours. We are continuously learning and always strive to deliver exceptional service. If you’re looking for a calf bander or calf castration rings, we can help.

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