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NLIS Cattle Tags

Finding NLIS Cattle Tags to Comply With Livestock Regulations

A positive development for ensuring access to more global markets plus domestic food safety, NLIS cattle tags provide a robust yet simple solution for individualised livestock tracking. While we can all recognise the importance of having such safety measures in place, we can also concede that it is just another item on a grazier's long to-do list. When sourcing the cow tags necessary to remain compliant with the NLIS legislation, why should you have to face frustrating ordering processes, high prices, or poor customer service?

At AVOCA iD, a business founded and run by farmers; we understand those frustrations first-hand. With direct knowledge of the frustrations other livestock owners face, we've created an option that delivers superior products and service at the same time. How can we help you better manage your farm?

What Sets AVOCA iD Apart Regarding Cattle Ear Tags?

"Why should we switch?" is a reasonable question, and it's one for which we have an easy answer. With our direct experience of managing livestock in mind, we designed our business from the ground up to provide the kind of service experience that our fellow graziers and we have often wanted. Here's how we stand apart from others:

  • Improved pricing. With a product you need to purchase with some regularity, fluctuations in price only make it harder to plan a budget that is often already tight. We provide consistently good prices on all our tags, both the NLIS compliant models and those for basic lot management.
  • A broader range of customisable options for both NLIS tags and plain management tags. Choose from multiple designs and colours per tag to create a system completely customised to match your farm.
  • Rapid turnaround times. Why wait when you need tags now? We turn orders around as fast as possible, and we always go the extra mile for a client in need. Let us know how we can help.

What You Should Know About Our Cow Ear Tags

Considering the importance of using cattle tags in Australia, we felt it was worthwhile to take the time to source solutions from proven and trusted domestic resources, such as Leader Products. Our aim: source tags that are easy to use, reliable, and proven to stand up to the tough conditions they'll face in the field. Here are some quick facts to know about the tags we provide:

  • Our tags rely on proven HDX technology. These more powerful RFID tags provide a clearer signal and a longer read distance making the movement of cattle simpler and less of a frustrating effort.
  • The durable design of the tags we choose ensure that they cannot suffer damage to the chip during application to the cow's ear.
  • These tags have a proven material design, being resistant to falling out over time and containing UV stabilised plastics. Even with many hours of exposure to harsh Australian conditions, these tags continue to provide excellent functionality.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Cattle Tags

Although you cannot reuse tags, there are still ways to ensure that you make a smart investment when you purchase a new supply. Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your purchase:

  • Choose a matching management tag to along with your NLIS tags to ensure consistency and ease of identification. Be sure to develop consistency in your colour scheming to make it as easy to identify specific cows as possible.
  • Purchase in bulk quantities. We offer special pricing for very large orders; whether you choose to purchase ID tags in advance for future stock, or to meet the needs of a large-scale operation, we can fulfil your demand with an excellent price.
  • Use one of our proven applicators when affixing tags to cattle. Though the tags themselves are quite durable, a sturdy and reliable applicator will deliver fast results.

What You Stand to Gain by Using AVOCA iD

Ultimately, we aim to provide a difference in four areas: price, customer service, accessibility, and reliability. From ensuring you can stretch your dollar as far as possible to answering your questions as promptly as possible, AVOCA iD stands apart as the most customer-friendly solution for livestock management. Don't forget; we're always happy to provide advice and insight into the right choice of cattle ID tags for your farm. With first-hand knowledge, we're in the perfect position to help. Start a conversation today for further details.