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A cattle prod is used to move cattle or other livestock. As much as graziers prefer not to use a prod, working with livestock is unpredictable, and sometimes the use of a prod is necessary. If a large animal decides to stand its ground and refuses to move, the situation could escalate and become dangerous. Using a cattle prod merely removes the animal from that zone and gets them moving again. We have a range of prods available at AVOCA iD.

What You Should Know About an Electric Cattle Prod

The primary reason farmers use cattle prods is for moving animals through handling facilities and trucks. The prod nudges the animal toward its destination, but you must keep a few conditions in mind when using an electric cattle prod.

  • You will notice electric pods have a high and low selector switch. Always use the low switch for small animals. We advise that when you use the electric prod, the contact points engage with the animal on the rear flank or upper back leg of the animal.
  • As a farmer of livestock, you must be aware of the procedure when handling cattle or any other group of animals for that matter. You should never use the electric prod on a wet animal as it could have dire consequences. Furthermore, the prod should be your last resort to move an animal and when it’s become clear that there is a threat to life.
  • Over prodding harms the animals. Once an animal begins moving, it shouldn’t be urged on with a prod. Furthermore, prodding animals at the back of the herd won’t make the cattle at the front move any faster.

What You Stand to Gain from AVOCA iD Regarding a Cattle Prod for Sale

We are a family that is passionate about livestock and reside on a cattle farm ourselves. All the products we supply were built from a love for the industry and understanding the needs of graziers around the country. Apart from the various cattle prods for sale, we offer more than movement enablers.

  • While discussing the industry with other graziers, we realised that there are considerable discrepancies in the price, availability and service amongst the current options in the market. As such, we set out to achieve a user-friendly, competitive option dealing with people on the phone and online.
  • We created a simple online store that is simple to navigate. You don’t have to leave your farm to obtain essential equipment. All you require is your computer and the internet. Once you get into the online store, you peruse the vast catalogue of products, identify which is the correct one for you and use one of the payment methods available.
  • Since we are continuously learning, we pay attention to all changes in regulation as set out by the National Livestock Identification System. We impart that knowledge to our customers to ensure they’re always compliant.

Why Use AVOCA iD

Our Founders, Rob and Katrina Clarkson, are farmers themselves and have decided to assist others in the industry. We offer exceptional prices and are always willing to go the extra mile to help.

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