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Cattle Dehorning Equipment

Professional Cattle Dehorning Equipment

Dehorning is an integral and unavoidable process in the raising of cattle. Having the right cattle dehorning equipment on hand will enable you to conduct the process safely and effectively while minimising discomfort to the animal.

At AVOCA iD, we live and breathe animal husbandry. As farmers ourselves, we know how important it is for you to have access to the right tool for the job, ensuring a quick and clean cut every time.

We stock a wide range of top quality dehorners, from traditional-style horn cutters and dehorning wires and knives to electric and gas variants for the safe and effective removal of horns. Whether you require a dehorner for cattle or a calf dehorner, you know whom to call.

The Benefits of Using a Calf Dehorner

Let’s face it, leaving your animals horned will result in losses, either as a result of self-injury due to the animal getting caught in fences or vegetation, or due to injury caused to other animals or even their handlers.

  • Choosing the right calf dehorner is essential. Our range of electric and gas cauterising calf dehorners allows you to remove the horns humanely and safely from calves before it grows attached to the skull. This minimises stress, pain, and discomfort for the animal. Early dehorning is more cost-effective, saving you money on expensive restraint equipment.
  • It is much easier to implement and maintain effective pain management protocols in calves than in older animals. It is also easier to introduce effective wound treatment to eliminate infection and to identify and treat signs of infection.
  • No matter how safe you try and make your working environments, accidents do happen. Early dehorning dramatically reduces the risk of you or your employees getting injured while using a dehorner for cattle.

What You Can Expect from AVOCA iD Regarding Dehorner For Cattle

We created AVOCA iD to offer graziers in Australia a friendly and competitive alternative to a largely inconsistent market place, where prices and service delivery tends to be quite erratic. As farmers ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the challenges farmers face in keeping their businesses viable in this volatile time.

  • We believe in excellence. We offer effective service delivery, with short turnaround times. We will have your order shipped to you in record time, no matter where in Australia you are.
  • We offer top quality products at consistent and competitive prices. We go the extra mile so you can pay less, utilising our professional working relationships with manufacturers in Australia and across the world to pass on savings to you.
  • Our convenient and secure online ordering portal is convenient to browse and shop hundreds of products from the comfort of your home. If you have questions or you need advice on one of our products or services, we are always just a phone call away.

About AVOCA iD

AVOCA iD was started in 2016 to address significant inconsistencies in price, service delivery and stock availability among NLIS resellers, and has grown in leaps and bounds since.

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