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AVOCA iD proudly showcases a large range of tags meeting both NLIS requirements and day-to-day property management requirements. Cattle and Sheep NLIS Tag options include the triangle shaped Leadertronic Tag, the round Enviro/HDX Tag, and the stock theft deterring HDX Bolus.

Although not mandatory, Management Ear Tags (also known as Female and Male Flexible Tags) are also popular as they help to easily identify your stock whether that means by:

  • tag colour specific to an internal paddock
  • spotting an animal from further away, possibly even a neighboring property
  • assisting with record keeping via Sequence Number etc.

Applicators are available for all cattle and sheep tags. They have been expertly designed to be as quick, humane and user friendly as possible being light and strong but at the same time of solid construction. The popular Cattle Ear Tag Applicators include the Flexible Tag Applicator, Standard Deluxe and Plastic Fast Tagger. The Sheep Ear Tag Applicators include the Multi Tag Applicator, Standard Leader Applicator and the Leadermatic (Aluminium and Plastic) Applicators.

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Find a More Consistent and Reasonably Priced Source for NLIS Tags

Are you looking for a new source for NLIS tags? While these tags are required for moving livestock throughout Australia, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are always easy to find or affordable to purchase. At AVOCA iD, our goal from day one has been to solve the pain points around the National Livestock Identification System, to give farmers and graziers a better way to comply with federal laws.

What Sets AVOCA iD Apart Regarding NLIS Ear Tags?

If you are looking for a user-friendly way to order NLIS tags in Australia—whether for cattle,sheep, or other animals, such as goats, alpaca, horses or pigs—look no further than AVOCA iD. Here are a few reasons that customers tend to gravitate towards our brand:

  • Our goal from the beginning was to solve pain points. Our founders, Rob and Katrina Clarkson, got the idea to start the business in 2016 from conversations with friends in the livestock industry. The recurring refrain was that the NLIS market was plagued with inconsistencies. No one had a genuinely dependable resource for these mandatory tags. Some suppliers had inconsistent availability, while others left buyers to deal with poor customer service or big, seemingly random fluctuations in price. We wanted to create a business that would service the Australian livestock industry in a more stable and customer- friendly fashion.
  • We offer flexible buying options. Perhaps you know exactly what product you need, or maybe you need some advice to find the best solution. Maybe you want to order NLIS tags online, or perhaps you want to place your order over the phone. We’ve worked to develop a flexible model that will cater to the widest range of customers possible.
  • We know this industry. Our simplest differentiator is also our most important. When it comes to NLIS ear tags, you can trust that we know our stuff because of our ties to this industry. We aren’t just capitalising on a need we saw in the livestock industry. On the contrary, we have been working in this industry for years and know it backwards and forwards. This insider knowledge has helped us build our business into more than just a supplier, but a partner to the customers we serve.

Other Services We Offer Related to NLIS Tags

In addition to being a place to find NLIS tags online, we also offer a few other related products and services, including:

  • Visual tags. While not compulsory in the way NLIS tags are, visual tags (including personalised text or artwork-based tags) are popular among some graziers. We can customise these tags for you.
  • Animal husbandry. We carry a vast variety of animal husbandry products, including calving equipment, castration and sealing equipment, nursing products for baby sheep and much more.
  • Weighing and scanning. We sell both weigh scales and tag readers, including handheld and panel reader scanners.

Why AVOCA iD Is Cost-Effective

When you order NLIS tags from AVOCA iD, you can have confidence that you are going to get a fair price, a consistently high quality product, a reasonable shipping turnaround and top-tier customer service from start to finish. If you have experienced the common pain points surrounding NLIS tags, then we think you’ll notice a big difference with us. Don’t take our word for it, though! Start shopping today, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.