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Sheep NLIS Ear Tags

Sheep Ear Tags

Explore Better Solutions for Acquiring Sheep Ear Tags Today

Sheep ear tags are essential not only for quick and easy visual identification out in the field but for compliance with the NLIS legislation, too. For graziers tired of frustrating and outdated ordering processes alongside a lack of easily customisable options, AVOCA iD offers something different. After recognising the inconsistent state of the market, we saw an opportunity to create a more approachable, more grazier-friendly business model. Today, we supply a wide range of electronic sheep tags alongside products for other animals, such as cattle tags and many animal husbandry products. Take a moment to consider how we set ourselves apart in delivering these services and why your operation may be able to find a financial benefit in switching to tags from AVOCA iD.

The Benefits of NLIS Sheep Tags from AVOCA iD

Although the basic standard for NLIS tags means every product has the same functionality, how well those tags perform — and how easy they are to use in the field — differs wildly from provider to provider. We aim to deliver a more consistent service by providing sheep tags from leading manufacturers with benefits such as:

  • Valuable solutions for any budget level. We provide both the most advanced RFID technology in tags today, alongside basic NLIS-approved visual tags. Purchase as many as you need of whichever fits your plan and your budget.
  • Heat resistant plastics. Older solutions tend to loosen and fall out over time, while some will lose their identifying characteristics. Faded colours also make identification more troublesome. The UV stabilisation process used in the manufacture of the tags we provide ensures that does not happen.
  • Faster application. Our tags come in strips of ten, so it takes no time at all to tag an entire group of animals.

Why AVOCA iD is a Cost-Effective Option for Sheep Tags Online

Whether you have a small flock or an entire paddock full of sheep to manage, managing your spend on consumables such as sheep tags is crucial for the finances of the operation. We understand that, too, so we've worked to ensure your investment goes farther with us. How?

  • Faster results. Don't wait around for tags when you need to move your stock soon; ID them now instead. We ship quickly and may be able to make additional arrangements based on your needs.
  • Better service. Whether you don't know what tag you need, or you have a special request, we're here to help with a friendly smile and a listening ear.
  • More options. From colours and customisations to different solutions for printing the ID numbers on your tags, our versatile offerings do more to put the power to make smart organisational decisions back in the hands of graziers.

About AVOCA iD

Founded in 2016 by a family of graziers, AVOCA iD came about when we saw the shortcomings in the existing market for livestock tags. From there, we've grown into a fully-fledged business supporting those engaged in the hard but rewarding work of animal husbandry. With custom tags available to suit your needs and essential tools such as tag applicators, we streamline those important but often tedious tasks of animal management. To learn more, please contact us directly.