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Customer Application Terms

Account establishment is subject to availability and application criteria.

In order for AVOCA iD to assess your application we need complete and accurate details including but not limited to:

  • Contact Name, Registered Property Owner, PIC #, residential/property & postal address, at least one phone contact and email address.
  • If NLIS Tags are required, a DAF signed 'Application for Permanent NLIS Device' is required prior to the order being processed. If you are unsure what this document is, or why it is required, please contact AVOCA iD to organise on your behalf (via the AVOCA iD DPI Authority Form) or contact your local DAF representative.
  • Note: You may be asked to provide further information in relation to your average ordering requirements.

Pre-approved Account holders have the option of a 14 day account with AVOCA iD, all other account holders are required to pay at the time of purchase via Paypal, Credit Card, Direct Credit etc. Note: If Direct Credit option is chosen, the order will not be processed until the funds are visible in AVOCA iD's Account.

Note: Please contact AVOCA iD if you would like more information in relation to becoming a pre-approved - 14 day account holder.