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Cattle Earmarking Pliers

  • Sale
  • $555.00


  • Turnaround for this item is currently 9-10 months.
  • Bainbridge Earmarking Pliers are Handmade in Australia from Top Quality hardened Steel.
  • Due to the high quality of the Bainbridge earmarking Pliers, this allows you ability to resharpen the pliers to provide many years of service.                Note: Bainbridge offer a resharpening service.
  • The price of the plier will depend on the shape of the earmark
  • All earmarking pliers are made to order, we require a copy of your earmark registration with your order.

Made to Order:

As noted above, all earmarking pliers are 'Made to Order', therefore the price can increase or decrease to what is quoted (product price). If there is a significant difference either way, we will be in contact to discuss the options available (refund or additional expense). However, if you would like to know prior to placing your order, please contact AVOCA iD so that a quote can be arranged for you.

Please Note: Pliers are manufactured in Queensland Factory.