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Bainbridge Supreme Cow Lifter

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    • The Bainbridge™ Supreme Cow Lifter is a simple and inexpensive way to lift cows with a front end loader or bucket.
    • Developed for the medium term support (up to four hours) of weak and down cows.
    • A large main sling supports the cow over a large body area to reduce pressure points.
    • The cow lifter is designed to gently lift the cow with support from the backside to the brisket.
    • The design includes an open area for the udder to hang through, thus reducing stress and pressure on the cow.
    • Manufactured from heavy duty reinforced long lasting PVC.
    • Includes a leather covered support pad for area between udder and tail.
    • Metal parts are plated while webbing and thread are durable polyester.
    • Well designed strong straps and buckles.
    • Fully adjustable to suit any sized animal.
    • Recommended maximum lift load is 1,000kg.
    • Supplied as a complete kit which includes the sling, carry bag and hooks.

      Available in two sizes:
    • Standard size will suit all medium size dairy breeds.
    • Extra large size is 20cm longer than the standard size and should be used for larger size dairy breeds and beef cows.

Package Dimensions for Delivery:

  • 80cm x 40cm x 10cm 
  • Weight - 7kg