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Note: We have tried to provide a preview that closely matches what you will receive for customisable products. There may be differences in the font selection, font sizes and positioning that occur during the manufacturing process, in order to best display the provided text within the bounds of each tag.

Leader Products

Super Maxi Customised Name Tag & Male Button

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  • $2.90


The 'Individually Customised Tag' allows you to individually customise tags that are supplied with a matching coloured male button. It is perfect for those wanting to individually customise tags, for your kids school bags, or to give your animals their very own personalised tag.

Please Note: If you would prefer for your tags to come with a Keyring instead of the Male Button, please go to the Tag with Keyrings page and select the corresponding product.

Customisation for the Tags: Please note your customisation details in the comments box provided at Checkout, alternatively please email through to after processing your order. Note: If there is anything that we are unsure of, we will contact you directly to confirm.

Turnaround: Please be aware that due to high demand, the current processing time for all tag orders is 2-3 weeks. Tracking will be provided as soon as the parcel leaves the factory.

Tag Information:

These tags have been designed for high-retention and made from a durable, flexible plastic.


  • Super Maxi - 76mm (Width) x 120mm (Height)
  • Maxi - 76mm (Width) x 97mm (Height)
  • Large - 58mm (Width) x 73mm (Height)
  • Small - 48mm (Width) x 54mm (Height)

Male Tag:

The most popular male tag for the female tags is the Male Button, therefore a matching colour male button is provided with any selected female tag to simplify the process.


The two-piece tags can be affixed with the below applicators:

  • Standard Applicator (solid pin)
  • Deluxe Applicator (spring pin).

Please refer to the product page for the applicable applicator for further information.

Tag Colours: Please be aware that due to screen colour variations, colours of products may vary slightly from what you see on the screen.

Personalised Cattle Ear Tags

Find a Huge Range of Personalised Cattle Ear Tags by Shopping with Us

Whether you are looking for NLIS identification tags for your cows or personalised cattle ear tags with a lot of visual flair, look no further than AVOCA iD. Having the right tagging system in place for your cattle makes every facet of herd management easier. In the case of NLIS tags, farmers can get in a lot of trouble if they don’t follow the law in tagging all their cattle (and all their livestock) with compliant National Livestock Identification System tags. We make it easy to find, personalise, purchase and ship all the tagging solutions you need for your livestock operation.

What to Expect from AVOCA iD Regarding Custom Livestock Ear Tags

When you count on AVOCA iD for custom livestock ear tags, we want to make sure you find everything you need and have a positive customer experience to boot. Here are a few of the things you can expect from us when purchasing livestock tags:

  • NLIS tags and management tags. NLIS tags are legally mandatory for the tracking and identification of your cattle or other livestock. Visual management tags are not compulsory but are often helpful for easy identification of animals on your farm. We offer both and can even deliver matching NLIS and management tags to enable a complete livestock management system for your farm.
  • Fun customisation, with either artwork or text. Perhaps you want to brand your management tags with your farm’s name and logo, or maybe you want to stamp your management tags with names or other text. We can do either and even have a system that lets you view your customised tags online before we finalise the design.
  • Durable products. Cheap tags are a liability for livestock farmers. We make our custom printed livestock ear tags from durable yet flexible plastic, in a style that won’t wear or fade over time. As for our NLIS tags, they are as durable and reliable as you would expect a legally compulsory tag to be.

When Buying Personalised Cattle Ear Tags, Consider This

When buying tags from AVOCA iD, here are a few decisions to make beforehand to make your online shopping process as seamless as possible:

  • Choose between foil and laser etching. We stamp our custom livestock ear tags in two different ways: foil and laser. Foil tags are stamped with a thin black plastic that delivers a bold and easy-to-read finish. Laser tags are etched with a laser, which leaves behind a grey finish for custom text or numbers.
  • Choose a colour. We offer a variety of colours for both foil and laser tags, to make building a comprehensive management system that much easier for the graziers we serve.
  • Remember that NLIS tag requirements are different in different states. For cattle tags, we have NLIS tagging products for QLD, NT, TAS, WA and ACT. We also have a separate NLIS tag category for SA. Make sure you are purchasing the right tagging solution for your territory.

About AVOCA iD

When we started selling livestock tags in 2016, we did so because we realised there was a pain point in the livestock industry when it came to NLIS tags. From our own experience, as well as from talking with friends in the industry, we identified huge inconsistencies in NLIS tag pricing, availability and reseller customer service. Our goal with this business was to solve those pain points while offering a wide variety of products, including custom printed livestock ear tags. Contact us today if you need help with your cattle management system.