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Supreme Calf Feeder (1 Speed) & Spare Parts

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IMPORTANT: Please select the correct required item from the dropdown list, as this product includes the complete item as well as available replacement parts.
  • Features a 2.5 litre capacity and ergonomically designed so that the bottle will fit well in your hand while feeding 
  • The Bainbridge Supreme Calf Feeder and Bainbridge Supreme Calf Teat (with valve) has been designed to perform a suckling action resulting in a controlled feed and aiding digestion 
  • Designed so the bottle will empty when the calf is feeding and the bottle can
be stood up on a flat surface for ease of refilling 

  • Made in Australia 


  • If a calf is fed too fast, too much milk and without the correct suckling action, milk can enter the rumen. This can cause acids to form and lower the rumen pH and cause long term damage.

  • With the correct suckling action, the easier it will be for the calf to digest milk. This results in better absorption of nutrients and a healthier calf.

  • When mixing milk replacement powder, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the milk powder has dissolved fully as undissolved particles will block the valve in the teat resulting in loss of milk flow.

  • Please follow the advice from your veterinarian.


  • To ensure the proper nutrition is delivered to the calf and avoid health problems, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions when delivering important nutritional supplements in calves. 
  • A few handy tips when mixing milk replacers: 
  • Mix with the correct temperature of water to make sure the proteins work properly, fats do not separate and the mixture is distributed evenly throughout the feed.

  • Never put powder at the bottom of a container and add water . This causes inconsistent mixing, clumping and nutrition will not be delivered to calf as required. 
  • Feed at the correct temperature – Mixing at the correct temperature is not the only important step, milk replacers must be fed to calves at the correct temperature to make sure the milk replacer works properly.